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Energy supplement and balance All in one, multiple massage techniques from East and West: Thai, Deep tissue, Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Indian massage, are combined with the use of bags filled with salt, hay flowers and enriched with various mountain plants or essential oils, for a complete, powerfully energizing spa treatment.

Option 1: Mint, Lemon balm and Sage. The blend stimulates the metabolism and supports intense intellectual activity and memory. Option 2: Hawthorn, Lemon balm and Motherwort.

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It is a mixture for heart, vasodilator, tonic cardiac, excellently combats palpitations, brings peace and balance.

The skin is left with an irresistible mountain fragrance. An aromatic full body massage will be performed in our special designed couple room by two therapists.

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Our formula: Lavender, Juniper and Jasmine essential detox foot spa treatment. Back, neck and shoulders massage To relax the most common areas of tension!

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The treatment ends with pressure points on scalp, extremely soothing. The experience of endless relaxation!

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A treatment for perfect harmony between body and mind. Due to simultaneous procedures of the massage therapists, your mind will be fully relaxed.

Meditation and massage sessions every Thursday

More than simple feet massage! Pressure to certain points on feet encourages the body to restore its own healthy balance. Very relaxing massage, especially for people who stand long. The perfect recovery for your body.

Meditation and massage session every Saturday

A medium to strong massage adopted from traditional Japonese techniques which improves overall flexibility from top to toe. It uses pressiure points,stretching and joint manipulation to help posture recovery and improvement of general health conditions.

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Feel your body again! A type of massage therapy that is applied to the deeper layers of the muscles by applying firm pressure to reach deeper layers of the muscles, tendons and fascia.

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This massage therapy focuses on relaxing de-tensioning the muscles detox foot spa treatment the conjunctive tissues.

It is especially recommended for pain and chronic muscle contraction relief. Remedy for stress and headaches This is an extremely relaxing massage that combines worldwide techniques, working on your shoulders, neck, face and scalp to eliminate tension, headaches and accumulated stress.

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It is a way of relaxation based on holistic modality of treating the body. Shiatsu uses presso-puncture techniques, applied on the length of the meridians energy highways.

Pure Altitude

Health benefits of the therapy are deeper relaxation of the muscles and tissues, reducing papilomul s- a înroșit, amplifying mental and spiritual awareness. NOTE: For other massage types: Fitness, Thai, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic et al, please, check the availability of our therapists who specialize in such treatments.

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